Three brave women, who survived grievous harm by the Houthis in Yemen, have decided to speak out on film against their persecutors.

Detained Under Houthis amplifies their voices, as they recount their experience in Houthi detention. These women delivered their testimonials publicly, as evidence of Houthi crimes. They want to affirm the role of Yemeni women in conflict resolution and peace building. They are calling for justice, accountability, and an end to the violence in Yemen.




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BARDIS - Poet & Activist

Allegations: Treason and terrorism.
Situation: Spoke out against the Houthis and was subsequently detained in a secret facility and tortured.
Message: "What did you gain from detaining and torturing me?"

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FAWZIA - Sana'a Central Prison Warden

Allegation: Covering up a prostitution network, leaking government secrets, terrorism.
Situation: Detained by the Houthis with her 2 young girls, for over a month.
Message: "The Fawzia that you tried to kill, the one you tried to end, is still here."

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This woman decided to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal against her family who still lives in Yemen

Allegation: Held and tortured without charge.
Situation: Detained and tortured by the Houthis after she asked officials to help her look for her missing sister.
Message: "I lost everything. I will never forget."